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Cortez Vacation Rentals (1)

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If you’re looking for a vacation rental from which to explore Mesa Verde National Park, Cortez should be on your short-short list.  After all, google Mesa Verde and you’ll notice that its address is in Cortez.  And while proximity to this UNESCO World Heritage Site would be enough to lure any vacationer, there’s more on offer in this city.


In the Southwest Corner of Colorado, the mountainous scenery of the Rockies starts to blend with the more desert-like scape of the Old West.  Here in Cortez, you get the Very Very Old West: the ancient cliff dwellings of the Anasazi, the forerunners of the Pueblos.  Over 600 dwellings dot the interior of Mesa Verde National Park.  For true lovers of history, the adjacent Ute Mountain Tribal Park offers a more immediate, visceral experience of Anasazi life; you’ll need reservations and a guide to enter, but the trip is worth it.


Cortez also offers the most modern of tourist attractions: swimming pools and golf courses.  You can get here via Cortez-Montezuma County Airport; for more flight options, check out Durango-La Plata International Airport, which is about an hour away.


If you’re looking for a Mesa Verde area vacation rental, don’t forget about Mancos, just a few miles down the road.  The town of Dolores is also an option.