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Northwest Colorado Vacation Rentals (316)

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All About Vacation Rentals in Colorado’s Northwest


A vacation rental in Colorado’s Northwest region can be whatever you want it to be: from a cabin in the mountains to a ranch house overlooking a land of mesas and canyons, this is the land for the restless traveler, who wants a bit of everything except the Great Plains. Those are on the other side of the Rocky Mountains.


The Northwest of Colorado stretches from the Front Range region to the state line, all the way to Wyoming to the north and Utah to the west.  The eastern edge of this region runs along the Continental Divide, one of the great watersheds - if not the greatest watershed - in the North American continent.  As you start in the east, you are squarely in the Rocky Mountains, a craggy vista that gives way as you head west to the plateau- and ravine-marked landscape of the traditional Old West.


Major cities and towns in the Northwest region - and great places to start your vacation rental search - include Aspen, Breckenridge, Winter Park, Keystone, and Steamboat Springs.  This is the land of the monument - the Colorado National Monument, to be exact.  There, 32 square miles of wilderness call the Grand Canyon to mind, only on a more accessible scale.  It’s also the land of dinosaurs, as memorialized at the Dinosaur National Monument.


If you’re flying in to the region, you can choose from three local airports: Aspen-Pitkin County Airport, Eagle County Regional Airport, and Grand Junction Regional Airport.


Whether your ideal vacation rental involves being near wineries, mineral springs, or ski slopes, you can find one - or all three- in Colorado’s Northwest region.