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Winter Park Area Vacation Rentals (81)

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If you’re looking for a vacation rental in the Winter Park area, chances are there is one thing on your mind when it comes to vacation: skiing.  After all, this is a preeminent skiing destination.  But that’s not all it offers.  Even in the no-chance-of-skiing summertime, there are reasons to visit Winter Park.


Winter Park is about 67 miles west of Denver.  It’s a straightforward drive, mostly west on I-70 with the final leg being north on US-40.  In fact, the City of Denver owns the Winter Park ski complex.  Using Denver International Airport is a popular choice for visitors traveling in by air.


What can you do in Winter Park? First of all, there is downhill skiing, Nordic skiing (a.k.a. cross-county skiing) and snowboarding.  With 5 mountains making up the terrain at Winter Park’s ski area, even the most avid skier or boarder is unlikely to get bored.  As an added bonus, there’s also an Alpine Slide - a sort of bobsled run without the bobsled.  In the summer time, the park transforms into a paradise for lovers of the great outdoors.  You can choose your level of activity, from passive (riding a chairlift and appreciating the view) to hyperactive (climbing up the climbing wall, hiking, and mountain biking).  In between, there’s mini golf and disc golf.


If you can’t find your ideal vacation rental on the Winter Park Area pages, don’t forget to check out nearby places, like Black Hawk, Idaho Springs, and Empire.