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Woodland Park is located just outside Colorado Springs. This town is a great place to stay for vacationers looking to experience the best of both worlds – proximity to Colorado Springs and the rugged natural beauty of the mountains. Woodland Park offers easy access to some of the state’s most beautiful natural wonders.

Vacationers to Woodland Park enjoy spending time at Manitou Lake, hiking and biking in the Pike National Forest, and spending the day at the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center. This center is a new, hands-on museum that children will love and parents will also enjoy. To learn more about the fossil history of this area, take a short drive over to the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, one of the richest and most diverse collections in the state.

Book a Woodland Park Vacation Rental for your next trip to Colorado to enjoy the comforts of home with all the amenities you and your family need. Woodland Park home rentals and Woodland Park condo rentals put you right in the middle of the natural beauty of Colorado while also being within driving distance to the fun and more metropolitan Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs hot-spots.

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