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Choosing a Vacation Rental Property to Buy

If you are going to be investing time and money into a second home to rent out as a vacation property, choosing the right property can be a very important decision. To ensure your happiness, as well as the happiness of renters who will be paying to stay at your property, choosing a location is the first hurdle that you will have to overcome. Research where vacationers spend their time and choose a location that matches the desires of travelers, as well as your desires. Afterall, the hope is that you will get to spend significant amounts of time at your vacation rental as well, and potentially even retire to the vacation property in Colorado. The location and type of house that you choose may also very well be influenced by your budget and other factors, so spend enough time researching housing markets and vacation patterns to make an educated decision on where to buy.

6. Choosing a vacation rental to buy

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Dillon, Colorado: A Little Town with a Lot to Offer

Why visit Dillon, a small town of about 800 residents in the Northwestern region of Colorado?  While Dillon may not have the cachet of well-known hotspots like Breckenridge, Vail, and Aspen, it still has plenty to offer visitors.

First, let’s talk about location.  Dillon is about 12 miles from Copper Mountain – a twenty-minute drive in normal conditions – 7 miles from Keystone, and 15 from Breckenridge.  This means that Dillon can be a great base for skiing vacations in the winter, especially if staying at a resort isn’t your style.  Vacation rentals in Dillon and in nearby Frisco give you a bit more privacy and room than the average hotel or lodge, and they are a great choice for families.

So let’s talk about what every traveler needs to know before choosing a vacation spot:  what to do, weather conditions, and how to get there.

What to Do in Dillon

Dillon is more than just a jumping-off spot to nearby slopes.  In the township itself you can experience dining, cultural, and historical activities.  These include the Lake Dillon Theatre Company’s repertoire of plays and musicals, and free summertime concerts.  Dillon Mall can also provide a bit of retail therapy for traveling shoppers.

It’s no coincidence that Dillon shares its name with the Dillon Reservoir, a natural lake that was expanded into its present state to serve as a water reservoir for the city of Denver and its environs.  There are 26 miles of shoreline to enjoy around Dillon year-round. In the summer, this includes fishing, boating, and hiking; wintertime brings ice-fishing and snowmobiling.

And did we mention the skiing?  With proximity to four ski areas, three of which are open year-round, Dillon gives you the opportunity to sample slopes of all kinds.

Dillon’s Weather

As a state, Colorado enjoys about 300 days of sunshine per year.  For the northwest region, this translates into mild, dry summers with relatively cool evenings, thanks to the mountains.  In the winter, expect cold – and snow; it snows in this region from late September to early May.

Getting Here

Dillon is located on I-70 about an hour and a half from Denver.  Flying into Denver International Airport, renting a car, and heading more or less west should get you here within two hours in normal driving conditions.

Dillon is a combination of mountains and shoreline, warm summers and snowy winters.  Whether you’re into skiing or shopping, in this Colorado town, you’re not too far away from anything.