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Keeping Your Vacation Rental Stocked

Travelers booking vacation rentals are sold on the idea that they will experience the comforts of home while on vacation if they stay in a vacation property rather than a hotel. Help meet their expectations by providing them with the little comforts and amenities that you would want to be present if you were traveling. Keeping your vacation rental stocked with a few minor things can really increase your renter’s satisfaction with the property and their experience at your vacation rental. This means that they will be more likely to leave you positive reviews, stay at your vacation rental again, or recommend it to their friends and family.

While it is not necessary to provide every little thing that a traveler could need, providing some key essentials will go a long way in making a great first impression on your renters. Always have at least one roll of toilet paper, hand soap and one roll of paper towels available when your renters walk through the door. Additional supplies that you can provide include shampoo and other shower amenities, a box of tissues, a starter pack of coffee, salt and pepper, trash bags, a deck of cards and potholders. These items will help guests feel at home, and also reduce any initial stress upon arrival. Often times, renters will first survey a vacation home to see what is available and what they need to go and purchase. Providing several essentials will ease their transition into your vacation rental property.

If your vacation rental is in the mountains or at a winter hot spot like Vail or Aspen, Colorado, you may want to also stock your vacation rental property with extra blankets and pillows. Pillow protectors and mattress pads also give your vacation rental an appearance of cleanliness. Alternatively, if your vacation home is in a more temperate location you may want to consider providing fans in each room, especially if overhead fans or reliable air conditioning is not available. Put yourself in the shoes of the renter and stock your vacation home with any products that you would like to have if you were the one renting the property.