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Durango, as Seen From a Horse

Tucked away in the southwest corner of Colorado is Durango, a town of about 14,000 inhabitants.  It’s perched 6,500 or so feet above sea level, and its vista includes the usual stunning Colorado visual fare of towering mountain peaks, clear lakes, and picturesque streams and rivers.  Planning on staying awhile?  Many visitors opt to stay at rental homes; vocational rental homes in Durango and in nearby Bayfield offer freedom and privacy that you  rarely find in a hotel – not to mention a complete kitchen if you’re tired of eating out. Continue reading

What to Eat in Crested Butte, Colorado

Sites advertising vacations in Colorado usually fixate on skiing conditions, shopping opportunities, or the rich history that’s just around the corner from the world’s best slopes / fishing / hiking.  Sure, Crested Butte has all these things, but it’s time to talk about what can make or break a vacation:  it’s time to talk about food.  Anyone can tell you the top ten attractions, or What to Do in Crested Butte; gear up your gastric juices and let’s talk about What to Eat in Crested Butte. Continue reading

Getting A Good Start in Silverthorne, Colorado

In a way, Silverthorne is right in the middle of things in Colorado; you’re near many top ski destinations, for example.  But in another sense, it’s a bit away from the bustle.  It has the almost stereotypically mountainous backdrop of northwestern Colorado, but lakes and meadows play a significant part in the scenery as well.  And not to be overlooked is the Blue River.  The river winds through the town itself, giving rise to several landmark bridges.  In the summertime, it’s a big draw for fans of fishing.  The Colorado Wildlife Commission has designated a few miles of Blue River in the Silverthorne area to be “Gold Medal” – in other words, exceptional for fishing.  For non-anglers, there’s biking, hiking along the river, and a wide selection of shops.  There’s even a Blue River Festival for the townsfolk (and any visitors) to enjoy and celebrate the waterway. Continue reading